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Introduction of APC

Introduction of Department of Applied Physics and Chemistry


The founding purpose of the Department of Applied Physics and Chemistry and Master’s Program of Applied Science is to cultivate the students’ ability to engage in basic physics and chemistry-related theoretical and experimental research, as well as interdisciplinary industrial applications in order to adapt to the ever-changing trends of the times, improve employment competitiveness, foster expertise for pursuing post-graduate studies, and take part in the development of science and technology that positively contribute to the society.

Education Goals

1. Lay down solid knowledge and experimental skills in physics and chemistry.

2. Cultivate physics and chemistry professionals and relevant industrial or interdisciplinary technological talents.

3.Make good use of scientific knowledge to develop technologies that contribute positively to the society.

4. Provide elementary school and junior high school teachers with pipelines to pursue further science training.

Core Competency

1. Professional knowledge: Foster applied physics and applied chemistry related basic professional knowledge.

2. Application competency: Interdisciplinary industrial application related abilities.


3. Teamwork: Cultivate good interpersonal communication and coordination ability and teamwork within the research team.

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