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Off-campus internship

Off-campus internships are currently elective courses, and students of any year can freely take this course. This course can be combined with the department’s required or elective courses. Students can experience working at off-campus enterprises or government agencies during their summer vacation to enhance connections to the knowledge learned in classrooms and professional abilities. Every year, there are more and more internship opportunities at off-campus enterprises and government agencies for the students take on the experiences with this elective course.


本系蕭逸宏與廖秋晴榮獲教育部特色領域研究實習-台大新穎材料原子級科學研究中心擔任實習生 (2/每人每月)

The Department’s Hsiao Yi-hong and Liao Qiu-qing were awarded with MOE internships in specialized fields: Internships at NTU’s Center of Atomic Initiative for New Materials (NTD$ 20,000 / month)

 台北市政府消防局防災科學教育館 校外實習 (71日到731) 5

 Off-campus Internship slots at the Fire Safety Museum of the Taipei City Fire Department (July 1 to July 31) 

台北市政府自來水處 校外實習 1

 Off-campus Internship slot at the Taipei Water Department

台北市政府環保局 校外實習 2

 Off-campus Internship slots at the Taipei City Government Department of Environmental Protection

林業試驗所 數名 實習地點:台北市植物園研究中心

Multiple Off-campus Internship slots at the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute Location: Taipei Botanical Garden Research Center

經濟部工業局 DIGI+Talent 跨域數位人才加速躍升計畫 大學校院研習生(本系採認課程學分)

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry Development Bureau, DIGI+Talent, Inter-disciplinary Digital Talent Accelerator and Jumpstart Program for University and College Student Trainees (Department recognizes this internship as graduate credits)

有意參加本計畫之學生,於 108 4 30 日前自行上傳相關履歷資料。有問題者請到系辦詢問。

Students who are interested in participating in this program must upload relevant resume information by April 30, 2019. Students can ask the department if they have any questions.

本計畫依據行政院「數位國家・創新經濟發展方案(2017~2025 )- 主軸五:「培育跨域數位人才行動計畫」辦理。重點培育未來數位經濟及 五加二產業跨域人才,108 年將持續推動跨域數位人才培育。

The plan is based on the “DIGI+ Digital Country and Innovative Economic Development Plan (2017 - 2025)” of the Executive Yuan – Direction V: “Cultivate Cross-Disciplinary Digital Talent Action Plan.” Its focus is to cultivate cross-disciplinary talent for the future digital economy and 5+2 industries. In 2019, the department will continue to promote the cultivation of cross-discipline digital talent.

重點研習領 (以下簡稱研習領域)包括:

() 網路服務/電子商務:如電子商務、跨境電商、網路服務、社群媒體、 FinTech 等。

() 智慧聯網:如物聯網、雲端運算、聯網通訊技術、資訊安全、機聯網 等。

() 智慧內容:如擴增實境、虛擬實境、3D 設計、UI/UX 設計等。

() 資料科學與數據分析:如巨量資料分析、語意分析等。 () 人工智慧:如深度學習、機器學習等。

Key Training Areas (Training Areas) include:

(I) Internet services/e-commerce: such as e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, Internet services, social media, FinTech, etc.

(II) Internet of Things: such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, networked communication technology, information security, machine networking, etc.

(III) Smart content: such as augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D design, UI/UX design, etc.

(IV) Data science and data analysis: such as analysis of big data and semantic analysis.

(V) Artificial intelligence: such as deep learning, machine learning, etc.

本計畫錄取之研習生自 108 7 1 日至 108 12 31 日止( 6 個月整),給付每人每月研習津貼,學士級研習生研習津貼為每月新 臺幣 6,000 元,碩士級研習生研習津貼為每月新臺幣 10,000 (勞健 保費自付額由研習津貼內扣除)

The accepted trainee students will be on a paid internship from July 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019 (a total of 6 months), and each student will receive a monthly study subsidy: undergraduate students will receive NTD$ 6,000 per month, and post-graduate students will receive NTD$ 10,000 per month (the labor and health insurance is deducted from subsidy).


Taiwan Textile Research Institute


Students need to retrieve the recommendation form from the teaching assistant at the department office and complete it before May 3, 2019.


  • 2位台北市政府產業發展局 鍾佑宣 李子琮
  • 2位財團法人醫藥工業技術發展中心

      \藥劑處 1

      \醫材處 1

     • 台灣大學新穎材料原子級科學研究中心 實習生4   5000/


  • 2 internships at Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development: Chung You-xuan, Lee Zi-kai
  • 2 internships at Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center

      \Pharmaceutical Department 1

      \Medical Devices Division 1

     • 4 Internships at NTU Center of Atomic Initiative for New Materials: NTD$ 5,000 / month


明生生物科技  實習生   8    5000 /


8 Internships at Mithra Biotechnology: NTDI$ 5,000 / month


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